Why you need to choose (and remember!) a secure password for your website

We all know how important it is to ensure our internet banking passwords are unique and secure and that our social media passwords are locked down to prevent cyber criminals accessing our personal information… but what about your business website? Are you guilty of having the same password for your social media, emails, website, Amazon and even supermarket shopping? This blog is all about website security and passwords, but as tech geeks we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t remind you to choose unique, strong passwords for all your online accounts and channels… Why not take a few minutes to check how robust your password security is? It’s worth your while for peace of mind and staying secure online. But for now, back to websites and website passwords.

We don’t have a list of customer passwords

When we design someone a website for their business, however big or small, we look forward to seeing the impact it has on their future. A part of our handover of their new website is ensuring they keep it safe and secure. All our websites come with an automatically generated password which our customers can change to something which is both secure and memorable for them. However, there is something important to note. Our staff are downright brilliant in many ways, but we don’t keep passwords on file for all your websites. That’s why it’s so important that our clients store their passwords somewhere safe when they take over their website.

Why website security is so important

Website security is essential for your business to thrive. WordPress websites are our number 1 choice, but you do need to pay attention to security as they are a target for cyber criminals. There are also some other side effects to your website having a security breach. According to WordPress Beginner, Google blacklists around 10,000+ websites every single day for malware and around 50,000 for phishing issues every week. If you rely on your website to bring in sales or leads, you certainly don’t want to be blacklisted by Google because it can lose you 95% of your organic traffic.

How to create a secure password – and remember it!

So, now that you know why it’s so important to create (and remember!) a secure password for your website, here are some tips to help you pick that password. It’s important that you don’t use information which is publicly available (i.e., on your Instagram profile!) or easy to guess. So, avoid your pet’s name or your date of birth. Pick something totally random, 3 random words ‘h0useGreypark5678’ and include a blend of lowercase, capital letters, numbers and symbols.

That way someone would have no hope of guessing your password.

Now of course the more random and unusual your password is, the less easy it is to remember.

But luckily, there are tools out there which help you save your password securely so that you have it to hand if needed.

As we said, we don’t save all our client passwords on file, so we can’t help you if you misplace a piece of paper with the password on or forget it!

LastPass is one of the top-rated password managers and it also has a secure password generator but there are many other options to keep you safe online.

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