Why we created a brand-new Black Nova website

We are kickstarting 2023 off with a bang by launching our own new website! This entirely new, custom built and unique website is in a whole different world, no universe in comparison to our old, outdated and frankly outgrown website.  

During the early years of Black Nova Designs, Founder Kyle coded the company website himself. We had a few different versions over those years, however Kyle was the only Developer available at the time as the team back then consisted only of Danielle and Kyle – the ultimate husband and wife duo. 

However over the past 18 months – we’ve been developing our new website when we could, around fulfilling client’s projects which always come first.  We have developed our brand new website as a team, pulling in thoughts and suggestions from our designers, developers and marketing and sales team. 

Here at Black Nova Designs we create bespoke websites for all sorts of businesses. Sole traders hoping to build brand trust and have a 24-7 shop window to answer customer queries for them. Small businesses looking for growth and a presence online, medium-sized brands who want to showcase their achievements and big, multi-office businesses who want a shiny new website to help them stand out.

Some of the websites we build are relatively simple, with a homepage, about page and perhaps some information sharing answers to FAQS and giving visitors a way to get in touch. Others have a complicated CRM database in the background with multiple user logins, e-commerce functionality or host large video and image files. All our websites are totally bespoke, and we work closely with our customers to ensure the end result is exactly what they hoped for. You can take a closer look at our full portfolio of websites here and see exactly what we mean about them all being different!

A love of space and a web developer’s touch

The new website totally encompasses my love for space, which you will see is now becoming part of our brand as a whole AND inspired the name Black Nova Designs initially. As well as being fully responsive, the website is fully bespoke with lots of added special touches like the moving team astronauts!  

Our in-house Developer Steve even wrote a web GL library which makes use of PBR shaders to achieve the really awesome globe effect on our Home Page.

Talking on the new website launch, Founder Kyle explains, “I feel, there is a notable difference working with a team of experts rather than just one person. My own experience, knowledge, and skills can only go so far, which is why we hire team members to increase not only the company’s abilities for helping clients but also to ensure our own online presence is the best it can be. For now, I feel confident that with our brand new website it is! It reflects where we are as a business now. This is the first time I haven’t coded and created solely on my own and I absolutely love it!” 

Whilst still encompassing the WordPress framework, which is what we use for all of our clients too, the team have created a totally custom-built website, we can all be extremely proud of. 

Bring your brand to life with a website which will turn web visitors into customers. Our website design starts from £1000 + VAT, call us today on 01793 210 045 for a no obligation consultation to discuss your vision, we’ll help bring it to life! 

Note, our office will be closed until Tuesday 3rd January 2023 so alternatively you can send us an enquiry to