Why QR Codes are essential for business

Last year we launched a new service here at Black Nova, creating QR codes to help businesses connect with more customers and streamline their marketing. QR codes have enjoyed a boom in popularity over the past 18 months thanks to the fast, reliable and safe connection they place between businesses and their customers.

What are QR codes for?

A QR code works in a similar way to a barcode in a shop. They are a machine-scannable image, made up of black squares and dots. Each QR code which contains information which is read by the camera of a smartphone or tablet. That information might be a website URL, a booking or menu service, a physical or email address, a phone number or simply a text-based welcome message.

QR codes enable instant interaction between a brand and a customer. They can be printed on signs, menus, business cards and more. Many of us have used QR codes to order food and drinks in 2020, for instance during social distancing restrictions.  

Why choose Black Nova Designs for your QR code?

At Black Nova we have a clear aim, to help customers promote their products and services using the latest IT. QR codes are a really useful tool for businesses who want to connect people with their online information. We can create and develop a custom QR code for any size of business and can: 

  • Use the company’s logo as part of the design
  • Customise the QR code with brand colours 
  • Finish it in a range of styles

For our keen equine clients who might be interested, these codes have many ways of being used. For example, a riding school might use their QR code to share key information such as opening hours, their location or prices. They could also use one to allow customers to book their next lesson, rather than having to call. A rider clothing business can print QR codes on its product labels at shows so that customers can look at other colour options online. 

Customers will have lifetime access to their QR code when it has been created and they are fully transferable. That means the information held in it can be tweaked, for example to suit a new sales or marketing strategy. Black Nova Designs’ QR codes cost from £50.00 + VAT.  

Our Services

If you are interested in any other of our services, pop us a call: 

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