We won an award!

As you may have recently seen, we won ‘Best Web Design Agency Wiltshire 2022’. Better yet, we were also finalists in the Techies awards 2022 for Tech Support Service of the year in Swindon and Wiltshire!

So, what does this mean to Black Nova Designs and our customers?

Firstly, it reaffirms our standard of service and can assure more clients and prospect customers both in the county and nationally that we are worth working with.

As the business, being awarded such an award is very fulfilling and especially for our amazing designers and developers, it is encouraging to be both considered and awarded the title of Best Website Design Agency in the county. It is recognition that we are on the right path and following our initiative of being a personable business for clients to work with is a success. Building the dream team and doing what we love didn’t happen overnight, but the steady, concise process is evidently working.

Having a team who work harmoniously together on projects as well as enjoying each other in the office on a daily basis is incredibly. We are so fortunate to have the best mix of staff who care so much about our clients and their businesses. The passion shows in the dedication to creating websites that work for each business and perform incredibly.

Another benefit to winning this award includes being able to connect with more people in the web design industry and other business across the county. We will to continue to provide a high standard of web design and development while also building more trust between ourselves and our clients. We have always prided ourselves in providing the highest quality service possible.

We care about people, and we want to create a positive change within the Technology and Web Design industry.

How did we get nominated?

Earlier this year we received an email from the SME News Southern Enterprise Awards to inform us that we had been nominated for an award.  With the help of marketing team, we put together our supporting evidence for the award. This entailed presenting our portfolio to the judges, explain who we are as a business and as a website provider as well as our future plans as a company.

Similarly, our nomination for the Swindon and Wiltshire Techies Awards 2022 became news to us via email. We were informed that we were one of several nominees and a few weeks after we received the amazing news that we were finalists. The Techies awards evening is an in-person event where all nominees attend and meet one another. The night was an absolute blast.

So, what does it take to be an “award-winning” website design agency?

Well, it certainly requires having an amazing team and them having the incredible ability to design and develop successful, functioning websites that can make clients sales and boost brand awareness. We ensure that every website we create has the best user experience for the client’s audience, creating engaging functionality and making our clients happy as a result. If you want to check out our work, view our portfolio library:

What makes Black Nova Designs different from other web design agencies?

We create websites that give each customer full admin access rights too. This maximizes client autonomy, allowing you to change content and correct text and images yourself without having to wait for a developer to do it for you. This is enabled thanks to our Content Management System (CMS) that is designed bespoke for all Black Nova Designs clients to use whenever and wherever they need. But most importantly, we design using the most popular platform of web design, WordPress, and write custom made code for each website to ensure that each client’s requirements are met.

Depending on the brand and client specification, we build on bespoke requirements all the while fulfilling your ideas and bringing them to life. It is in our interests to create something not only affordable but is responsive and something to be proud of. We love to see clients sharing their creation with their friends, family and business network.

We want to cure the myth that technology and websites are ‘scary’. They certainly aren’t and with the correct designer and developer you can build a website to be proud of. We are here to help! Black Nova Designs are a team of passionate designers who care about what they do and want to pass on as much knowledge as they can with each and every client.

Kyle built the business on an ethos where every service provided is both professional and affordable but also where advice and support is accessibly 24/7. Whether you need to ring us, want to watch a YouTube tutorial, or need in-person training, we can help. To Black Nova Designs you aren’t just a number or a sales figure, you become part of an awesome, diverse family driven to improve your business for the better!

Getting computers, laptops, and websites to work to your benefit does not have to cost a fortune. Being careful and making concise, informed decisions is advised especially when it comes to technology. The technology industry is FULL of ‘experts’, so please do your research – not everyone you meet can achieve exactly what you are looking for.   Whether you need a whole new design, need to re-vamp a current project or a fresh look for your site, we can help. If you have the imagination and creativity and need someone to bring your visions to life, leave it to us. We develop primarily in HTML, PHP, Javascript and jQuery but can help with most other development programs if need.