The Ultimate Tech Boss – Meet Kyle Holmes

On the 14th of February Kyle celebrates his birthday! This is the big 30 for Kyle and we want to share all of the successes that he has achieved in his life as well as provide the opportunity to learn more about him.

For anyone who hasn’t met Kyle it should be warned that he is super intelligent. There is no need to doubt his abilities, especially when it comes to technology. He is a giving, helpful man who is such a fantastic leader and influence for everyone at Black Nova.

To make things even more impressive, each of his skills have all been self-taught. His strive and dedication to constantly improve and learn more in life reflects entirely in the business today.

From the age of 9 he began coding as a hobby outside of school, it grew into a passion and continues to remain this way. Once he had left school he was adamant about joining the armed forces and proceeded to complete training. However, this proceeded no further due to him being medically discharged. He was told to wait another four years before applying again.

During these following years he worked for Capita using his knowledge and passion for technology on a day-to-day basis but realised that creating his own business without the corporate environment would be a dream

After a couple of years, in 2012 Kyle created the foundation that would soon become Black Nova Designs Ltd, proceeding to sit as a dormant company until he met Danielle. In 2015 she encouraged him to put all confidence into this business and actually create it into something incredible.

After, Kyle and Danielle sought connections with multiple industry leading business. Black Nova began providing bespoke WordPress websites that users could access and edit anytime they needed, just as they are to this day.

In the years that have followed, the business has grown so much bigger with over 1000+ clients. Additionally, the office has gained 9 staff members who have helped the business to grow beyond belief, providing a plethora of services ranging from basic laptop health checks, WiFi installs to Social media management and more!

 Kyles dreams are forever growing here at Black Nova Designs Ltd so do stay tuned.

2022 will be a year of many events including Badminton horse trials, a charity walk across the 3 peaks, Dance School Sponsorship and even a 24hr gaming day to raise money for a mental health charity. This year Kyle is focussed on giving back to those who have helped him over the years.