Our tech tips for 2023

At Black Nova Designs our passion is technology and something we’re often asked is, ‘what are your top tech tips?’ 

The past few years have been like a rollercoaster for us all, and as we get ever closer to 2023, that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. While the impact of Covid on our lives seems to finally be ebbing away, we’re faced with rising energy costs, recession, and high interest rates! While we can’t help with those challenges, which will impact every business in every sector, we can help you spot the key technology trends for 2023.

Our clients are a mixture of homeowners, freelancers, small business owners and then within that many of our business clients are made up of either local businesses or web design for equestrian businesses and rural small businesses who we’ve connected with. We’re also proud that a large percentage of our work comes through word-of-mouth recommendations. 

We’ve put together some useful tech tips in 2023 to help you work and live more efficiently: 

  1. Keep your tech up to date, whether it be your laptops, Mac, phones, software, apps etc. This is for two reasons, and we’re not encouraging you to go out and buy the next best thing, more often than not ensuring your technology is regularly updated and running on the latest software version will improve performance and efficiency.  This is better for the environment and more cost effective for yourselves as the machines will run faster and more efficiently and will also use less data and electricity to run for you. 
  1. Ensure your website uses quality content that is optimised for the search engines. In 2023 Google will be cracking down on ‘quality’ content, 2022 saw the release of multiple algorithm updates for Google, including the ‘helpful content’ update which was released to focus on ensuring results were relevant to the search term and useful to the user.  
  1. AI and VR will continue to be tech to watch out for, so our tip to you is to embrace it don’t evade it. 2022 wasn’t the year the metaverse hoped for with a less than desired uptake, though this was likely due to many factors in parts including the cost of living crisis and people’s apprehension of the unknown. However, there’s no escaping that AI and VR will be a core part of our lives in the future.  
    We often overlook the immense benefits AI has already and get waylaid with an irrational, impending doom iRobot style fear that AI is going to turn rogue and turn on us, but in reality AI is enhancing the lives of so many already including one of Kyle’s favourite examples;  assisting in prosthetic limb development for wounded veterans. What’s more, we’ve barely scratched the surface of it’s capabilities. 

          4. Place your router high up for better WiFi signal! This is a tech tip everyone can use, whether you’re a homeowner or a business.

5. Check who you pay when it comes to website hosting. Every website needs hosting. What service and hosting type are you
paying for and when are the renewals? This is important for many reasons but being on top of things you outsource is always a
good thing, plus if you know when your renewals due, you have time to shop around and see if you’re on the best package with a
suitable provider that meets and exceeds your needs.  

Speaking of hosting, we’re offering FREE migration of your website to us. There are myriad benefits for website performance and security, and our expert team makes moving to our servers easy and straightforward. If you’re frustrated with your current hosting provider or you would love to hear more about how our hosting is head and shoulder above the rest, just get in touch.  

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