Lets stop the hackers in their tracks

Lets stop the hackers in their tracks

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As you know wordpress is a vastly used web tool across the world, the only issue is that alot of users are not updating their plugins or core system, due to this, its creating large security holes in websites and some web hosting environments. This is leading to defaced websites, website control being taken over from hackers, causing alot of hardwork and time to be lost, which is why we always recommend taking a backup of your site on a minimum of a weekly basis.

Following on from that we strongly advise that no one uses admin as their log in – this is what hackers expect you to use!!

We have a security system installed on all our sites which alerts us when people are trying to log in to any of our clients sites…in somes instances we see them using the word admin for a user name … please change this as soon as you can!

A strong password is a good first step to securing your data. But you need to do more than just use a combination of letters and symbols. To reduce the chances of having your password guessed or brute forced, use a password manager and use a randomly generated alpha-numeric password that’s at least 20 characters long.

I would also advise you not to use your name if that name is stated on the website. Let’s make it as difficult as possible for the hackers!