Overall Guidance

Last Updated on December 5th, 2022


  • Purchasing or renewing Black Nova Designs products
  • Setting up Black Nova Designs products
  • Showing you the steps to use our products
  • Diagnosing connection or access errors
  • Ensuring our systems and architecture are up and running

Not Supported:

  • Configuring and customizing your application settings
  • Troubleshooting network connections
  • Creating websites and content (naming, drafting, building, publishing)
  • Getting people to your website
  • Learning how the Internet works (code, servers, and connections)
  • Training about your computer, mobile device, or tablet

As your Support Provider, Black Nova Designs endeavours to provide automated email responses where relevant, if nothing system generated occurs you can expect response times as follows:

Acknowledgment and or receipt of your contact or complaint within 3 working days

All changes below will be acknowledged by an automated email to the email address on the registrants account automatically

  • Changes and registration, renewal and maintenance
  • Any ongoing charges
  • Key terms of contract
  • Your policy on renewal and expiry of domain names