Launch of Black Nova Social

At Black Nova Designs we provide a range of IT services that help both individuals and businesses to work to the best of their abilities. Although a large majority of our clients use us for website design and hosting or tech repairs, we have had an influx of enquiries surrounding social media and marketing. Our presence online as a business is regarded by many as successful which is brilliant to hear, many of our business enquiries are made via Facebook and Instagram which strongly reflects in our marketing strategies.

For the first four years at Black Nova, Danielle ran the marketing and sales and we recently hired Erykah as our social media marketing specialist. Together with their knowledge and experience, they have boosted our online presence the extra mile with regular posts, branded graphics and beneficial interactions. As a result, the name ‘Black Nova’ has reached many new clients from all over the world, and we feel it would only suit to help others gain the same credibility online. This is how Black Nova Social was founded.

Our goal at Black Nova Social is to help more SME’s build their online profile successfully. You may be wondering how we define success here. Well, from a social media marketing perspective, if you can present yourself or business in a way that generates interactions and an increase in following you are already successful! Often people doubt their abilities to connect with users online due to likes or comments not directly resulting in sales when in reality the fact you have reached a new audience and people enjoy your content you are already winning. The most important part of social media marketing to learn is that sales are not relative to interactions. Your consistency is what will generate sales but after time, some are lucky, and it takes a month whereas others can take a year to gain your first sale through social media. But anyone can do it, all it takes is the right guidance and set up – which is where we can help.

At Black Nova Social our aim is to help support businesses in creating online profiles using a range of social media platforms. We set up your business profiles on the platform of your choice, this includes connecting with prospect clients, interacting with similar profiles to you and planning your content schedule. If you decide that you want us to manage the entire account following this, we offer a range of services for you to choose from. We have already helped a variety of different business increase their brand awareness, gain new clients and create sales through our social media management services.

Our services and package breakdown have been created through a process of client suggestion and expert advice. We offer a range of services from graphic design to Facebook and Instagram management, each package designed to cater for you and your business needs. A huge advantage to using Black Nova Social for your social media management and marketing is that we are experienced, connected and personable! Not only will your business thrive with us, but you will also connect with a range of new people through a devised marketing strategy. We have been working with social media marketing for almost a decade, our managers are both qualified and experienced having built not only the Black Nova profile but many other business profiles a huge following and interaction rate. Social media was designed to allow users to connect with others and businesses can take great advantage of these platforms and their features. More and more consumers are seeking to understand the brand they are investing in before using them and they do so through social media. It provides a space for you to promote the personal, approachable side to your business. Our package information details the range of features that each platform provides along with advice on how to make best use of them.

Some top tips we can share with you today are:

When using Instagram take advantage of ‘stories’. This feature was introduced over two years ago and is one of the most used aspects to Instagram, allowing you to reach more people. They provide a great space to be spontaneous, personal and will immediately appear on user’s pages. Something to be cautious of, however, is posting too much, too regularly. The algorithm favours profiles who don’t spam or use their accounts unnecessarily. If you can shorten five stories into one then do it! Your one story with lots of information will reach many more users than several separate stories would. Remember, quality over quantity.

When we discuss Facebook it is important to remember what the platform was designed for. Connecting with friends and followers is the primary use for Facebook accounts, so take advantage of its messaging tools and its range of commenting/liking features. As well as being able to access other users easily, Facebook is great for consumers to contact your business directly too! So, make sure to use the messenger app as well as Facebook and interact with your friends regularly.

Twitter is the most unique of the main four social platforms. The app was designed to spontaneously share opinions, comments, thoughts, images and re-share liked posts through the process of a ‘tweet’. Twitter is a public platform (profiles can be made private) and allows businesses to share information with the opportunity for it to be re-shared by followers and ‘tweeters’. Take advantage of twitter if you want to regularly post and share information about your business. Branding isn’t a crucial element of twitter; the app focuses more on content and hashtag usage. Be outspoken and spontaneous on this app, just remember there is a word count limit – implemented to maintain the impulsiveness of the app.

Finally, the most business focussed social media platform is LinkedIn. This app allows users to access business directly in form of a CV-like profile. Each account on LinkedIn, employee or business, shares a range of information including previous employment, experience, education and duration of employment. LinkedIn prides itself in simplicity and accessibility. As a business use the posting feature to share information and content with your followers. This allows users to read up on your business directly from your content as well as view comments and likes. Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is a more professional way to connect with users. If you are looking to employ or apply for a job LinkedIn is the best social media platform to use.

If you decide to move your business onto social media it is crucial that you understand each platform and its advantages. Be strategic with your content and understand your followers before you post. Learning how and why each platform is different and how their features range will help you to make the most of your profile. Social media is steadily becoming the future of business marketing, over half of the human population own a mobile device and a social media profile compared to the smaller statistics of those with televisions to watch adverts or money to buy newspapers. Consumers thrive off of anything FREE, what better way to market your business than on a free and accessible application!  

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