Welcome to Black Nova Design’s commitment to sustainability!

We believe that it is crucial for businesses to take responsibility for their impact on the environment, and that is why we are proud to announce our commitment to sustainability. Whilst it’s still a work in progress we are pleased to be able to detail some of the steps we’re taking to work towards being carbon neutral.

Carbon-neutral Web Hosting

As a company that is involved in a large amount of data processing and uses data centres for our website hosting services, we understand how important it is to minimise our carbon footprint. Data centres not only consume power to run, but they also generate large amounts of heat. The air-cooling process that is most common takes a lot of energy to power, but thankfully there are more sustainable technologies now available.

As part of our commitment towards change we are moving our hosting servers and hardware to Proximity Data Centre as our data centre, who take sustainability seriously and are constantly innovating to reduce their environmental impact. The grid electricity is sourced from 100% renewable providers. Each of the data centre sites develop renewable energy solutions, including battery storage, solar and wind power.

But we wanted to do more……

Adopting corals with Coral Guardian

The Black Nova Designs team is made up of family people who care about our planet and want to help preserve it for future generations. Our founders Kyle and Danielle got married on the beach with their friends and family and have always felt a strong connection to the sea. The coast remains somewhere that they both feel happy and relaxed, and of course, our oceans are hugely important when it comes to the planet’s climate.

That’s why we have partnered with Coral Guardian to give a little back to the ocean every single month. We have decided to ‘adopt’ one coral per month using a percentage of our monthly hosting profit. We can name the coral, and a certificate of adoption is sent to our office, so anyone who visits us can see the difference we are making.

We’re a recycling centre for old tech hardware

Our office is a drop off and collection point for used and unwanted tech hardware thanks to our partnership with Green Machine. That means that anyone with an old or broken computer, tablet or charging device can take it to our office in Calne and drop it off for free, knowing that it will be safely recycled, and any remaining data destroyed. If laptops are still in good, useable condition, we wipe the data and give them a service before donating them to a local school for the children to use. Either way, the old tech is either recycled or reused instead of ending up in landfill, and no doubt still littering the planet in hundreds of years’ time.

We believe that every small action counts towards creating a sustainable future, and here at Black Nova Design, we are proud and privileged to be doing our part.