Do You Own Your Domain Name?

Do You Own Your Domain Name?

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It’s advisable to make sure you are the registered owner of your domain name and not your web developer/company – for a couple of reasons.

  1. Should you (heaven forbid) fall out with your web developer it’s a lot easier to get your domain name repointed to a new site because you will have direct access.
  2. The onus becomes on you to renew your domain name and you will get the yearly notification – some unscrupulous companies charge a lot more than it actually costs – expect it to be about £8 a year….(prices vary slightly depending on who you have registered it with).

If your web company does own your domain name ( i.e. it’s registered to them) then have a chat to them about moving into a new account you set up for yourself.
Not sure who owns your name? Check it out here .

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