Designing a website isn’t all that simple and here is why…

Too often clients will come to us with a vague idea for their website and nothing more. Now we can create websites for a plethora of businesses in a range of industries, but we do need a little more information than a few bulleted ideas.

We get it, you come to us for a website to be made so why do you have to do any work?

Well, we are not experts in your industry, you are! Nor do we have any of your images or content to hand without your input. Building a website is a team effort and for all the right reasons 😊

Think of designing a website in the same way you would ordering a birthday cake. The baker can make cakes without reading a recipe BUT they cannot make the cake you want without having more information and input from you. They need your design inspo, flavours, names, and details for the cake and so on. What we are trying to say is that your website cannot be magically created out of thin air. However, once we do have some of your input the results can be incredible, see some of our work on our portfolio page.

Our designers can create you a website you can be proud of in the few steps below:

It would be really useful if you have the following ready:

  • A logo
  • Your branding
  • Have professional images

*Content is favourable if you want a faster ‘go-live’ date, but this can be added at a later date if needed*

When you are ready to contact us, let us know the type of website you are looking for, for your business. This can be anything from a basic information site to a fully automated ecommerce (shop) site.  

Following this introductory call, a quote will be created, and further ideas discussed in detail along with a basic timeline of the design process and when is best to begin the development of your website.  

We will then send you over a questionnaire where you are asked to complete each section in as much detail as possible.  This questionnaire includes areas where you can give examples of websites you like, space to attach any content you have that will be featured on the website, further business information such as contact details, products, about us information and so on. Attached in this document should be a range of images and your branding package. (If you do not have any images at this stage, please attach some stock images as a replacement until we have your official images.)

At this point, before we progress any further, a 50% deposit will need to have been paid.

After this payment is made, your questionnaire (along with any extra information) will be sent to our designer who will then produce a basic mock-up design of your website. You will be able to view this mock-up, make edits to the design and give relevant feedback.

Once a final mock-up design is approved, our developers will begin creating a functional working website for you to view. This is also when our developers will implement bespoke code and systems in your website depending on what you have requested in the questionnaire.

In this waiting period where development is officially underway, we strongly advise do the following:

1. Finalise all of your content for each page (including any blogs or product information)
2. Have your professional images ready (high resolution images strongly advised)
3. Begin considering whether you will want any other correlating services (Monthly support packages, SEO, Social Media Management, etc)

Finally, when your website is completed and all design and development is finalised, we will put your site through a phase of rigorous testing. Allowing time for your website to be tested is crucial. In this time we will ensure that the site is responsive on all devices, check all systems are working perfectly, approve all content images and branding making sure it is in the correct areas/pages and other functional testing.

After the thorough testing phase, your website will be ready to go-live! Ensuring that you are happy with the website and its functionality, the website can be uploaded and ready to view by the world.

It is essential that you understand these steps to avoid any delays or misunderstanding of the process.

If you want any more information do get in contact. We have plenty of blogs and tutorials for you to view. Alternatively, if you would like to be notified of regular top tips, information and updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel.