Business Owner Christmas Party

Christmas is less than 100 days away as we write this, and while it might seem a little early to be talking about the festive season, we promise we have a very good reason! If you’re one of our customers or a local business owner who would like to get to know us better, we have an exciting festive event to put in your diary. We’re so excited to share the details of our Christmas celebration which is for business owners who haven’t got a staff Christmas party to go to! That’s right, we’re opening our doors on Saturday the 3rd of December from 7pm onwards for sole traders, one-man-bands, freelancers – you get the gist. There’s nothing particularly festive about one or two people heating up some mince pies and sitting listening to Maria Carey on loop until they need to get back to work. We want to make sure those hard-working businessmen and women get some festive fun with free food and drinks, plenty of Christmas music and even a Black Nova goody bag. 

Those of you who follow us on social media or have worked with us for a while will know that Black Nova has grown from a two-person operation to being a busy and thriving office of ? in just seven years. That means we remember exactly what it’s like to have a small business and all the challenges that go with it. When things are tough you must deal with it, often on your own. When things are going well you have to juggle hard work with celebrating success. And, when you have amazing ideas to grow and strengthen your business, it’s 100% down to you to implement them. So, what’s our solution? We’re big advocates of finding a network of people in the same position who you can vent to, share wins with and even ask for recommendations for anything from accountants to website designers!

Here’s what our sales and marketing director Danielle Holmes had to say about our Christmas celebration:

“I’m lucky to be part of a network of amazing business owners who work in all sorts of different sectors, and I know how important being able to let your hair down and celebrate is. We are lucky here at Black Nova that we’ve grown our business and now have an office with an amazing atmosphere, but that’s not the case for everyone. Some people love working for themselves and don’t want the added complications of hiring and growing, others are at the start of their business journey – whatever the reason, we know there are people out there who will welcome the chance to get together for a Christmas party. Plus, we hope that our attendees will get some great business benefits out of meeting people in the same situation – as well as festive food, drink and tunes!”. 

Our Christmas celebration is aimed specifically at those who run their own small business – and there are 50 spaces available. It will take place at our office (which is on Porte Marsh Trading Estate in Calne) at 7pm on the first Saturday in December and if you’re keen to come along then it’s really important that you sign up ASAP! Just click the Eventbrite link below to secure your space and get it in your festive season diary. And if you can’t make the evening event or all those 50 spaces are gone by the time you get around to clicking that link, why not come along to our open day? It also takes place on the 3rd of December but from 1pm to 5pm and you’re welcome to come for as much or as little of the day as you like. You can learn more about that even by clicking here.