BND opinion the ups and downs of 5G

There is a lot of speculation at the moment, and after the recent Instagram poll it was very clear from our audience that you would all like to know a few more facts about 5G. So we have turned to our tech god and asked him his opinion on the 5G network and if its really true that we are all going to be fried.

Please note that 5G has yet to be rolled out fully and as such the below opinion is based on similar tech, and the studies we have read (some of which are conflicting studies so makes it hard for even us to navigate the data, but we try our best)

To start with what is 5G? – is it different to 4g for example

5G Is the next step and the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity. 4g is the current standard and what most people will have heard of and have access to on their current devices. 5G is expected to be faster than the current 4g network we have today, and is believed to be up to 100x faster than current 4g speeds. Think of all that Netflix you could be streaming with 5G!

Why is 5G necessary?

As with all technology there will be many benefits of its implementation. The speeds and lower latency (reduced lag/delay) that 5G will offer will open up doorways to things that the current 4g networks cannot cope with. Examples of areas that would greatly benefit are;

  • Virtual & augmented reality sector where its speed and reduced lag will improve stability
  • Smart motorways which are already being installed can be rolled out with confidence that the networks will be able to deliver
  • Potential to replace the need for users broadband connections due to its speed which would be ideal for people in rural locations that currently cannot be supported.

Why are people panicking, in our opinion?

Various conspiracy theories have been circulating for a long time surrounding mobile networks and the effects of using mobile phones on our health and the environment. 5G has not avoided this treatment and with the recent Covid-19 outbreak the “internet” had combined the 2 as a cause and effect.

The internet with its social media sites allows news, whether it be “fake news” or news published via official media outlets to gain traction quickly. Fear of the unknown is an important part in this story along with a lack of evidence-based knowledge, and since the theories were published and becoming more widespread there have been many cases of 5G towers being damaged due to these worries.

Realistically, once it is live will it change our lives?

The simple answer is yes. Any advancement in the technology sector will affect every person on the planet to some degree. One of the current biggest examples we could give would be the huge uptake of video calling throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Home and business users who previously had no interest in video calling have adopted this as a main method of communication so they are able to continue seeing their loved ones and business associates, as well as hearing their voice. 5G will only help this service become more stable and improve those calling experiences. By improving the voice and video call quality it will make communication easier worldwide – there will be no excuse to not answer your video calls due to bad speed or latency with 5G! 

Finally, is it harmful or at least any more harmful than anything else already out there?

At todays date there is no direct evidence to show that 5G is anymore harmful to humans than 4g. Radio waves are non-ionising and as such, lack the energy to break apart our DNA, somewhat due to the shielding effect our skin has which is the ability to block higher radio frequencies. The 5G network will require more masts as the waves lack the ability to travel as far as 4g waves but each mast will run on lower power levels thus each mast technically is less of a risk.

5 false facts about 5G –

5G is not the cause of the current Covid-19 outbreak, nor any other virus outbreak

5G will not microwave our brains

You cannot use an app to get 5G working on a 4g phone. You will have to upgrade your technology.

5G is the reason Donald Trump and Boris Johnson were elected

5G will not be an excuse to avoid a nice, lag free video call with your family

Summary in our opinion of the 5G network – how/why/what

Until 5G is rolled out we will not know the real world implications however, at this stage, and based on the reports published, we feel that this is an exciting path that once up and running will benefit all users of technology both young and old.