Behind the team

We are super excited that our team and brand are rapidly expanding. Our team in the office is a mix of all ages, abilities, and interests. We have lots to be thankful for as the rural and equestrian businesses have really shown us a great deal of support, trust, and confidence over the years and for that we are eternally grateful.

We offer the full I.T. solution to your everyday business and personal needs in a succinct and friendly manner, combining service with affordability.

Professional affordable and fully insured Web hosting and Award-Winning Website Design, Hacked Website repairs and recovery, Qualified Wi-Fi Installation Services, Backup Solutions, PC Builds, laptop, and pc repairs.

Free advice and support with a no fix no fee policy.

Here at Black Nova, we are a team, and we feel strongly about working together to support you and your business.

You all know we are geeks (most of us!); we love what we do and have in-depth knowledge of the online/website world. However, we feel it is important to know who you are working with, so here are a few things you might not know about us:

Danielle – Sales and Marketing

  1. I love horses, I learnt how to ride when I was a toddler and worked on several competition yards as a teenager and still go riding as often as I can now.
  2. I did a body building bikini competition in August 2014, I love the gym, lifting weights and going to the gym gives me a huge adrenaline rush
  3. I am a qualified accountant. Qualified at the age of 21 and worked as a Credit Controller for 8 years.
  4. I am an incredibly positive person, give me a rainbow, unicorn positive meme anyday

Kyle – Oracle of ALL knowledge

  1. I love to drive fast, spent many of my teenage years modifying cars
  2. When I was a kid my dream job was to be a pilot
  3. I have a lot of tattoos
  4. Owning a Toyota Supra is one of my biggest dreams

Jana – Website Developer

  1. I love drawing, and sell my own hand sketches and paintings, check them out here:
  2. I love to eat cake for breakfast
  3. Cats are my favourite animals
  4. I lived in Egypt for half a year

Richard – Customer Services

  1. Thinks the best breakfast is a cup of tea and a barrel of biscuits.
  2. Pretends to be good at DIY.
  3. I can juggle
  4. I think sarcasm is a unrecognised talent
  5. Aim in life is to one day finally go to the gym before work….a man can dream.

Steve – Full Stack Web Developer

  1. Steve has played PC games since he was very little and has an impressive Steam account having racked up thousands of hours – literally.
  2. Favourite alcoholic drink is Vodka.
  3. Steve can code in 10 x more languages than he can speak.
  4. Drinks more tea/coffee than is considered healthy.
  5. Steve hates social media.