Are You Missing A Simple Facebook Trick?

A follow on from the “Are you, Facebook Blank?”

Every day we get new people liking our page or requesting to be a friend on Facebook, but when we view their profile, we don’t know what they do, it says self-employed but self-employed as what? This tells someone looking at their profile absolutely nothing!

So, all you “self-employed” people out there ditch this label and hook it up to your Facebook business page.

Simply go to edit profile and add your business page to the workplace. This way if you are networking in a group or when new connection are created, people can scroll over your profile pic and see your business straight away – and more importantly can visit your business page if they are interested.  It’s important to remember though to makes sure that this bit of your profile is set to public……otherwise only your friends and family will see where you work and presumably, they already know that.

Having your business page on your profile is more likely to have a positive effect on likes being increased due to people being able to put a face to a name and also means people that were already looking at your business may actually now realise; it was your company all along.

Also of course on your FB business page, you will have a link to your website, allowing to possible conversions to sales, due to all the cross-site linking you in-adversely done 🙂

Remember don’t be “Facebook Blank”