A message for our customers, big and small!

At Black Nova Designs our mission is to help people make technology work for them. For so many people, IT is seen as something which is confusing or too complicated and they shy away from engaging with it. But our view is different – technology can and should be a tool which we can all use to make our lives easier, connect with more people and make our work more efficient. That’s why we’ve made a name for ourselves in demystifying the options out there and guiding our customers to the products and services which they need – nothing more and nothing less. That approach has given us a reputation for being clear, trustworthy and helping businesses grow.

And that means that over the past 2 years Black Nova Designs has been able to grow too even in the face of the pandemic and all the disruption it brought to our doors. We are thankful and proud that under careful management the company has thrived, with new jobs created, an expansion of our office space, the creation of new services and big plans. While we celebrate this expansion, we also wanted to reflect on where we’ve come from and remind our customers that every single one of them matters.

It’s not all that long ago that Black Nova Designs was just Kyle working on the tech side and Danielle managing marketing and sales. We remember the pressures that small brands and sole traders are under. We know that when you wear a lot of different hats (operational, sales, credit control and many more!) you rely on relationships with suppliers which are based on trust and expertise. We still work with so many of the businesses and people that we did when we first started out, working with them to help them grow or upgrade their technology as and when they need it. Now that we have staff working for Kyle coding and developing, and project management, sales and marketing support for Danielle, we’ve greatly increased the number of customers we can look after. But what’s important to our customers and wider business network is that we’ve never changed our approach. 

Our team gets just as much satisfaction from working with the smaller firms and individuals as they do from more complex or established businesses. We love helping a sole trader set up an automated payment system to reduce their sales admin. We also love helping a big business ensure their staff stay connected, perhaps by designing Wide Area Networking for them or improving their Wi-Fi network. If you’re a small brand you are just as important as any of our other customers, and you’ll find working with us just the same. Our new staff were hired for their skills and their approach to customer satisfaction so that they align with the Black Nova Designs way of working.

No matter if they are big or small, we liaise closely with our clients to understand their business and how it works. That means that when we’re advising them on anything from website hosting to business email packages, we can make sure they get the service or product that’s right for them. For example, a photographic studio or graphic design company needs far more website storage than a marketing business with a simple website. That means their hosting requirements are different, and we will only ever sell someone the website hosting that they need. The same is true of web development, networking, Wi-Fi, CCTV and more. Trust is everything to us and we would never want to damage that!

In closing, we wanted to say a very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported Black Nova Designs throughout our business journey. We are so thankful and grateful to you all and hope to carry on working with you all.